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Ethnic Flowers

LThe collection consists unique designs which mixtures of season favorites colors (such as navy blue, green, brown) and trendy shades (such as tile red, khaki, mustard and buff). It has a wide range of products including frilled detailed blouses, stylish skirts, chic long sleeve dresses, elegant bottoms and more.The most interest in the collection is the designs with ethnic patterns.Especially, the ethnic floral designs that give to the collection’s name are liked by their sleek and elegant posture.


The Natural Look Dress

The dresses, which are carefully prepared with the most trendy and naïve textures of the season, emphasize the sophistication of the summer months. 'The Natural Look Dress' collection is waiting for you with different dress designs that are carefully prepared by Koton designers. . Naturally textured dresses, which are the choice of those who want to approach naive and non-effortless elegance, combine elegance and comfort.


The Summer Bright Dress

She invites those who wish to rediscover this collection style in which summer dresses come together with their vibrant colors. The spring and summer season of 2019 brings together the romantic spirit of spring and the energetic nature of the summer with the special design dresses included in the collection.


The Summer White Dress

Combining the enchanting image of white with the most trendy cuts, this collection reflects the energetic spirit of summer with custom-designed clothes. The colors of peace and white, the new style dressed as the most eye-catching designs of this spring-summer season. This special collection brings a lot of effortless elegance to your wardrobe with many elaborate dress designs designed by Koton designers


The Flirty Dress

This collection of clothes prepared for women with high self confidence who want to reflect their energy in style carries the romantic spirit of spring. Elegant-looking mini dress designs, elaborated by Koton designers, emphasize the romantic spring appearance.


The Floral Dress

The collection, consisting of a combination of comfortable cut dresses and elegant details, carries the traces of the romantic and sophisticated spirit of spring flowers. Featuring every tone of the color scale, this vibrant collection is made up of special pieces that women of all ages can create their own unique style. 2019 Spring - summer dresses reflecting the spirit of the flowers dressed in energetic, romantic and elegant looks and collects tastes


The Striped Dress

Every season continues to be trend; The striped dresses, which are indispensable for office fashion and street style with their timeless look, await you in this special collection. This collection, which is dominated by lines of different sizes and colors in length, is composed of special design clothes that women of all ages can create their own unique style. 2019 spring - summer reflects the spirit of summer dresses add to the movement with lines.


The Maxi Dress

Sezonun en trend ve göz alıcı detaylarıyla hazırlanan maxi elbiseler birbirinden şık ve elegan modelleriyle herkesi kendine hayran bırakıyor. Koton tasarımcıları tarafından özenle hazırlanan elbiseler, eşsiz tasarımları ve göz alıcı detayları ile 2019 ilkbahar - yaz sezonuna yeni bir soluk getiriyor. 'The Maxi Dress - Maksi Elbise' kategorisinde yer alan tasarımlar günlük olarak, ofiste, gece davetlerinde ve özel günlerde tercih edilebilecek farklı tasarımlarıyla geniş bir tasarım yelpazesinde sunuluyor.


Shiny Girls

Maxi dresses, which are prepared with the most trendy and eye-catching details of the season, impress everyone with their elegant and elegant models. Dresses prepared by Koton designers, with unique designs and eye-catching details, brings a breath of fresh air to the 2019 spring - summer season. The designs in the 'The Maxi Dress - Maxi Dress' category are offered in a wide range of designs on a daily basis, in office, at night invitations and on different occasions for special occasions.


All Over White

Rediscover the elegance of this collection, combining the enchanting image of white with the most trendy cuts. Make a new touch to your style with the white color of clothes, jackets and trousers. Peace with the color of peace in this spring-summer season with your style dazzle. For this special collection, you'll have the hassle-free elegance of t-shirts, jean pants, coats, skirts and many new designs carefully designed by Koton designers.


Length Lines

Be ready to explore the indispensable line fashion with the Koton quality. Meet the eye-catching appearance of dresses, blouses, shirts and trousers that move along the longitudinal lines. Jackets, skirts and overalls with lines of different sizes used on working days; T-shirt, tights and jackets with colored lines used in daily combos to the attractive image of the lines to your style. Discover the models that combine the latest trends with striped designs with this special collection we have prepared for you.



Are you ready to explore the Utility collection? In this collection, which contains complementary pieces, we have inspired inspiration from free-spirited, powerful, simple but ambitious pieces. In the collection you can find parts, details and patterns that will reflect your style.