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Casual Products


Arzu Sabancı


Just My Style


Focus on Green


Mountain Army

The camouflage pattern is blended with different colors and patterns, and the Mountain Army collection brings you the most stylish models of the autumn-winter season. Navy blue, black, green and white influenced the collection of the nature of nature's energy is moving. From Jean trousers to sweatshirts and t-shirts to shirts, a wide range of products are waiting for everyone to make a stylish touch to the collection style that brings warmth to the cooler days of autumn.


Comfortable Elegance

This collection of the most useful pieces of men's clothing from men's shirts to trousers, gloves and t-shirts is waiting for those looking for a combination of comfort and chic. The top clothing models, which are actuated by plaid, pinewood and line patterns, make perfect combinations with classic look and comfortable pants. In the collection, patterned sweaters and square shirts are on the foreground.


Licensed Products

Add some energy to your style with this collection that consists of musicians and movies admired by everyone from the world of music and movies! The collection has been designed for music fans of AC/DC, Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Def Leppard and many others, promising chicness and comfort at the same time through t-shirts made of cotton. You may find characters from The Simpsons, Superman, Batman and Marvel in this collection which awaits you with its appealing and original designs.


Orange Harmony

Move your sports style with the Orange Harmony collection, which is stunning, vibrant and energetic with the touch of a little orange. Complete this short collection of shorts, skirts, underpants, sports athletes with the most fashionable shorts of your sportswear. Catch comfort and flicker together with stylish models with handy cuts.



Yin Yang is based on the assumption that everything in the nature is in a relationship of opposition and that the universe is balanced by the opposite poles. Yin-yang, the inspiration for this collection; contrasting colors and motifs. Make a stylish décor to your style with this sports collection dominated by black and white. Create your own original style with black-and-white contrasting shorts, t-shirts, athletes and sweatpants.


Afrika Esintisi

African collection which is composed of a combination of leaf, flower and exotic patterns with colors such as brown, claret red, white and black touches the summer season in a refreshing way. The collection has a wide range of products from t-shirts to shirts and shorts and awaits everyone who would like to put a fresh touch to their style.


Summer Baroque

Inspired by the baroque period and blended with the colors of the sky and the ocean, the Summer Baroque collection consists of relaxed cut, specially designed pieces containing all tones of blue. Polo neck t-shirts decorated with leaves and spots are indispensable for those who are searching for a combination of elegance and comfort. The collection consisting of many products including polo neck t-shirts, chic trousers and relaxed cut shirts awaits everyone who do not wish to give up on their chicness also in the summer season.


Urban Gardener

In this theme inspired by nature, you will feel the warmth of summer with the shades of bright red and burgundy that are green and used in the rights. Be sure to check out this series, which combines floral prints with basic shirts and trousers.


Ethnic Patterns

The collection consists of a combination of ethnic patterns with modern pieces and relies on the perfect harmony of soft tones and striking colors. The collection features a mix of various fabrics like jeans or cotton with ethnic patterns, which have always been important in fashion, and it consists of special pieces appealing to all styles. You should definitely check out this collection if you like including pieces that will always remain fashionable in your wardrobe.Modern parçalarla birleşen et


Military Fashion

Camouflage pattern has captured the world of fashion since the 90s and it goes on to be trendy in each season, but now it has become chicer in combination with Koton’s original designs. Discover your own military style through the collection consisting of olive drab coats with artificial fur, camouflage patterned t-shirts and long warm cardigans.



This collection offers comfort and chic; From shirts to jeans, sweatshirt models to sweatshirts. Whether you want for office days or for weekend walks, this collection is waiting for you with many original pieces you can combine.



This collection of pieces inspired by the energetic and powerful air of the blue color was created for those who like to reflect in the modern chic style with classical pieces. The collection of modern cut-out shirts with minimal designs is made up of special pieces that reflect Koton's original fashion sense. If classic cut jeans, plain sweaters and striped shirts are your style, you should definitely take a look at this collection.