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Digital Mariner

The Digital Mariner collection, one of the season's entry themes, draws attention to the lengthand transverse line details. The collection uses vibrant blue, navy and ekru and red colors that reflect the perception of summer. Sailing and anchor patterns are also frequently preferred. There are many products in the collection that are suitable for trends.


Analog Mode

The Analog Mode collection uses a lot of navy, blue and yellow tones. Neon fashions are in the collection. Mark the summer with clothes that give each other a stylish and trendy look.


Compact Clean

Green and beige shades are used a lot in the Compact Clean Collection. Especially the khaki color stands out. This collection includes utility details, large pockets, flowers and line patterns. Linen fabrics are also used in the collection. The clothes in this collection are very suitable for the summer months.


Modern Tribal

We often find ethnic fashion within the Modern Tribal collection. The collection uses spice tones. Printed viscoon shirts and feature printed tshirts stand out. In the lower clothes, denim shorts appear. The products in the collection must be found in your wardrobe.



The Botany collection appears to be dominated by floral and leaf patterns. The collection shows green, brown and beige tones. The collection reflects the theme of writing. Lower clothing includes plain colors. Carefully crafted collection for you expects to win your likes.


Oriantel Garden

Floral and bandana patterns are among the details that are drawn in the oriental garden collection prepared for you. Different colors are used together in floral prints. The wrap patterns seem to dominate the indigo tones. Be sure to check out the collection.


Psychedelic Flora

In this collection, vibrant colors stand out and the summer theme is reflected. Red, pink and blue tones are used very often. Psyhedelic Floral collection includes floral patterns and plaid patterns. The products in this collection must be in your wardrobe.


Soft Minimalist

In the Soft Minimal collection, pastel tones are used a lot. Trending pieces are appreciated in the collection, which includes flower and leaf patterns. During the summer season, the most preferred linen fabrics are used in shirts and shorts. Thanks to this collection, all eyes will be on you


Future Market

This collection has been carefully crafted by Koton designers. The collection uses large prints, block colors, hoods and zipper details, consisting of dynamic and vibrant colors. Sweatshirts and joggers are the most prominent pieces in the collection. It is also possible to find different denim jackets and trouser models in the collection. With the Future Market Collection we have prepared for you, you can capture comfort and elegance together.


Young Rebel

Street fashion stands out in this collection. The strongest colors, black, are notable for their combination with red and green. Washing patterned black denims, metal accessories, leather jackets reflect the young spirit and street fashion. Striped patterns, plaid details, chain details, zipper details stand out. The Young Rebels Collection expects to win your likes.



This collection is inspired by the dynamism of the city. The most trendy patterns of recent times are plaid. Plaid patterns stand out in the collection. Plaid trousers and blazer jackets can be combined with basic clothes in different colours and patterns. You can capture comfort and elegance together. To get the most trendy looks of the season, you should always add pieces from the Uptown Collection to your wardrobe.



In this collection, spice colors are interpreted with retro touches. Velvet trousers, trucker jackets, striped sweaters and fur coats can be found in the collection. The most striking details in the collection are large coats of arms, monochrome plaid and velvet details. Check out the Downtown Collection to get a sleek and casual look together.


Animal Print

Animal patterned and printed clothes are frequently used trends in recent seasons. We present the Animal collection containing different animal printed tshirts and sweatshirts prepared for you . If you enjoy being in fun and dynamic mood, check out the collection for beautiful combinations.


Linsanslı Ürünler

This collection, carefully prepared by koton designers, carries many characters to clothes. The collection consists of Batman, Superman, Marvel and many more beloved characters. In this collection you can find many options in different colors and models from tshirts to jackets. Make sure to check out the collection to add your favorite character to your wardrobe.


Always Black

Be ready to rediscover the indispensable elegance of black with special designs prepared by Koton designers. You'll rediscover your style with designs made up of many trends ranging from printed and remarkable t-shirt models to casual and cool jeans. Re-create your style with this collection that combines the key part of your daily style jeans trousers with timeless color black.