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Urban Gardener

In this theme inspired by nature, you will feel the warmth of summer with the shades of bright red and burgundy that are green and used in the rights. Be sure to check out this series, which combines floral prints with basic shirts and trousers.


Ethnic Patterns

The collection consists of a combination of ethnic patterns with modern pieces and relies on the perfect harmony of soft tones and striking colors. The collection features a mix of various fabrics like jeans or cotton with ethnic patterns, which have always been important in fashion, and it consists of special pieces appealing to all styles. You should definitely check out this collection if you like including pieces that will always remain fashionable in your wardrobe.Modern parçalarla birleşen et


Military Fashion

Camouflage pattern has captured the world of fashion since the 90s and it goes on to be trendy in each season, but now it has become chicer in combination with Koton’s original designs. Discover your own military style through the collection consisting of olive drab coats with artificial fur, camouflage patterned t-shirts and long warm cardigans.


Dark Tales

The camouflage trend is becoming increasingly popular in fashion, and it is constantly renewed with new color combinations and pattern designs. In addition to camouflage-patterned shirts, sweaters, bomber jackets and sweatshirts diversified with the colors of off-white, light and dark grey tones, sky blue and aqua apart from khaki and caramel; blazer jackets, patterned shirts and sweaters as well as trenchcoats, which are essential for the spring, stand out in the collection of the new season.



The designs have been prepared specifically for those who would like to look both sporty and chic and they emphasize a comfy style that blends vivid colors and stripes. Leather-looking jersey fabrics and other fabric combinations are also included in the appealing designs with suit concept in the collection which stands out with raglan sleeves, bold letter prints and use of contrasting fabrics. The most prominent designs of the concept are track suit designs with stripes on their sides.



This collection offers comfort and chic; From shirts to jeans, sweatshirt models to sweatshirts. Whether you want for office days or for weekend walks, this collection is waiting for you with many original pieces you can combine.



This collection of pieces inspired by the energetic and powerful air of the blue color was created for those who like to reflect in the modern chic style with classical pieces. The collection of modern cut-out shirts with minimal designs is made up of special pieces that reflect Koton's original fashion sense. If classic cut jeans, plain sweaters and striped shirts are your style, you should definitely take a look at this collection.


Rock'n Roll

Composed of useful and trendy sporting pieces, this collection appeals to all who make their own distinctive and distinctive dress. There are plenty of modern-looking products ranging from comfortable cut sweatshirts to tight-cut jeans, and men waiting for collectibles and sportswear-loving men. You should not go through this collection unless you are a fan of styling different and original designs.


Graphic Tee

The most useful of wardrobe t-shirts this season is getting even more vibrant and eye-catching with colorful prints. This collection of t-shirts animated by original graphic designs designed by cotton designers, expects all the men who care about fashion in style. You should not go through this collection unless you are the one who likes to reflect every style in style and comfort.


Energetic Orange

This collection consists of pieces that have been designed with inspiration from the energetic and powerful aura of orange, and it has been created for those who would like to reflect the sporty lifestyle in their style. If you are also interested in creating your own sporty style with pieces you may use in daily life or while doing sports such as sweatshirts, sweatpants and t-shirts, you should definitely check out this collection.


Sporty Blue

Okyanusların gücünü stilinizde hissetmeye hazır mısınız? Mavinin binbir tonuyla birleşen rahat kesim parçaları içeren koleksiyon sportif giyimi seven her yaştan erkek için  oluşturuldu. Sweatshirtler, eşofman altları ve tişörtler gibi sporda ya da günlük hayatta kullanabileceğiniz parçalarla sizde kendi rahat stilinizi oluşturmak istiyorsanız bu koleksiyona mulaka göz atmalısınız.


Hipster Fashion

The collection has been created for those who love the hipster style and wish to add a new air to their style with different pieces, and it includes comfy pieces such as plain jackets, fabric pants and sweaters as soft as velvet. If you are also one of those who have adopted the chic and comfy style which will always be in fashion, you should definitely check out this collection.


Orgiginal Retro

The collection of retro designs consists of chic pieces reflecting the original fashion concept of Koton. You should definitely check out the collection, which consists of shirts that you may use in all seasons, relaxed cut patterned t-shirts and chic coats.


Chic Retro

The collection consists of plain and chic designs and it includes minimalist pieces reflecting the original fashion concept of Koton. The collection is composed of many essential designs such as coats which will keep you warm and happy on cold days, t-shirts that you can use in all seasons and plain fabric trousers, and you should definitely check it out!


Hip Hop is the Current Trend

The collection consists of modern pieces and combines soft tones with striking colors in perfect harmony. Pieces inspired by the hip-hop style included in the collection is for everyone who have made modern way of dressing their style. If you also like to use different and original designs in your style, you should definitely check out this collection.


Arctic Fashion

The collection includes modern interpretations of pieces that have always been useful and trendy and is for everyone with a different and alluring style. If you also like to use different and original designs in your style, you should definitely check out this collection.


Kutup Modası

You may also create your plain style with this collection which includes many useful pieces such as minimal coats, trousers, sweaters inspired by the cold but dashy and powerful tones of the Arctic.