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White Top to Bottom

Discover the elegance look through this collection which combines enchanting image of white with the most trend designs. White color will not only be a new touch to your style, it also makes shirts, jackets and trousers eye-catching. White, the color of peace, will help you to create a dazzle style in this summer. Through this special collection, in which you may find t-shirts, jeans, jackets, shirts and many new designs, you will have effortless chiqness that have been carefully created by Koton designers.


You're Striped

Be ready to explore the striped fashion with the Koton quality. Meet the eye-catching appearance of shirts, jackets and trousers that has moved with the harmony of stripes. You may reach attractive looks, while in the working days you may use jackets, skirts and jumpsuits with different stripes and by using colourful stripes on your t-shirts, shirts and coats, in your casual day. Discover our latest collection, in which models that combine the latest trends with striped designs.




Licenced Products


Office Elegance

Get ready to meet the Office Elegance collection, which consists of clothes that will bring elegance and comfort to business days. You will rediscover the office wear with this collection, which is the indispensable formal wear of white shirts, comfortable cut fabric trousers and stylish jackets from each other.


Always Black

Be ready to rediscover the indispensable elegance of black with special designs prepared by Koton designers. You'll rediscover your style with designs made up of many trends ranging from printed and remarkable t-shirt models to casual and cool jeans. Re-create your style with this collection that combines the key part of your daily style jeans trousers with timeless color black.



Get ready to add to your sports style with the stunning, vibrant and energetic Men's Sportswear collection. This collection, which includes many models from shorts to sweatshirts, underwear and sportswear, is the most elegant way to complete your sportswear. Take advantage of comfort, elegance and comfort with the attractive models. Create your own unique style with shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants and more, allowing you freedom of movement when you're doing sports.


Comfortable Elegance

This collection of the most useful pieces of men's clothing from men's shirts to trousers, gloves and t-shirts is waiting for those looking for a combination of comfort and chic. The top clothing models, which are actuated by plaid, pinewood and line patterns, make perfect combinations with classic look and comfortable pants. In the collection, patterned sweaters and square shirts are on the foreground.


Printed T-Shirt

Popular fun prints, carefully designed by Koton designers, are ready to prepare you for a new style. Fun, colorful and attractive t-shirt models with a variety of different print models will embrace you with the quality of Koton. These stylish t-shirt models, which can easily be combined with different models from trousers to shorts, jean pants to tracksuits, brings you energetic styles.


Linen Natural

This collection, which is prepared for those who want to make a natural touch to their style, attracks with its cotton designs. This collection is made of cotton fabric, has many different pieces aiming to reach variety of tastes. A collection includes most useful pieces of men's clothing from shirts to trousers and t-shirts to shorts is awating for those who look for comfort and elegance together.


Festival Fashion

This special collection prepared for those who want to reflect the spirit of the festival. The collection including t-shirts, pants, shirts, shorts is ready to attract new customers. Especially with the original designs, this collection is ready for those who asks for a different touch to their style.


Street Style

Street Wear Collection that gathers many different designs in order to add a new touch to casual wear. This collection, which draws attention with its designs aiming to reach to different tastes, includes many different models from shirts to jean pants, t-shirts and shorts.


Pocket Detailed

Pockets are not only have fashionable appearance, but also with its useful design, are again very popular this season. From pants to t-shirts, from shirts, to shorts and pants, pockets that come out in every model. Designed in different shapes such as zippered, buttoned pockets, it moves simple designs to different styles. Pocket-detailed models that adds en elegant touch to your style are welcomed by different customers.


Ethnic Design

The collection consists of a combination of ethnic patterns with modern pieces and relies on the perfect harmony of soft tones and striking colors. The collection features a mix of various fabrics like jeans or cotton with ethnic patterns, which have always been important in fashion, and it consists of special pieces appealing to all styles. You should definitely check out this collection if you like including pieces that will always remain fashionable in your wardrobe.



This collection of pieces inspired by the energetic and powerful air of the blue color was created for those who like to reflect in the modern chic style with classical pieces. The collection of modern cut-out shirts with minimal designs is made up of special pieces that reflect Koton's original fashion sense. If classic cut jeans, plain sweaters and striped shirts are your style, you should definitely take a look at this collection.