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Career at Koton

We know that the success of KOTON is based on the common energy and contribution of each employee.

Therefore, we employ the passionate, dynamic, creative, hardworking, innovative and highly motivated human sources questioning the half-truths and taboos and provide the support required for reaching upper levels.

As the Human Resources Department, our objective is to keep the satisfaction of our employees beginning from the first moment they start working with us and to improve the functions of the Human Resources properly and sufficiently…

Finding the talent, appreciating it and positioning it right by improvement are the bases of our human resources policy.

We care measuring the satisfaction level of our employees and increasing the employee loyalty in accordance with these data. We organize ergonomic and stylish working environments for our employees which support creativity and create happy employees

Koton Family




We apply all or some of the following evaluation tools in accordance with the characteristics and requirements of the positions in order to employ the best candidate during our selection and employment process from the newly graduated and experienced candidates;

  • English Placement Test
  • Competence Based Interviews
  • Psycho-technique Tests


While performing selection and employment for the general manager positions, our objective is to employ the personnel with characteristics and qualifications to carry KOTON to future. There are lots of ways to success in KOTON. The departments you can choose:

  • Design
  • Purchase
  • Financial Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • BT
  • Retailing (Domestic and Abroad)
  • Process Development and Project Management

At the same time, by means of its Store Positions, KOTON presents a long-term career improvement for the ones who wants to avail from the job opportunities in its stores and expand their retailing experiences. There are lots of ways to success in KOTON Stores. Some of them are as in the following:

  • Regional Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Visual Presentation Officer
  • Rayon Attendant
  • Chief Cashier
  • Cashier
  • Sales Consultant

If you are ready to work in a hard but full of opportunities, we invite you to become a part of our team

Click here for job opportunities.


We do not have any other condition for evaluating your internship applications, provided that you are a student and not over 35 years old. By providing internship opportunities, we intend to avail from qualified workforce in short-term, keep close contact with the students who can be our potential long-term personnel in the future and evaluate their operations.

The internships are taken into consideration in two different categories as in the summer and winter months:

Internship in the Winter Period: The mandatory internship applications of the senior students of the vocational or commercial high-schools are taken every year through web until April. These internship applications are taken into consideration during April and May and the winter internship plans are prepared. The candidates whose internship applications are accepted are informed in May by phone. The internship begins with the educational period continues 3 days a week until the schools are out.

Internship in the Summer Period: The mandatory internship applications of the university students are taken every year through web until April. These internship applications are taken into consideration during April and May and the summer internship plans are prepared. The candidates whose internship applications are accepted are informed in May by phone. The candidates whose internship applications are not accepted are informed by e-mail.

If you see your future in the textile sector, internship in KOTON will be an opportunity to be in all processes related with your field actively and know KOTON and the sector. Also, we always prioritize our internship ers for new formations in KOTON team. Please, send your resume indicating the period and department of your internship including a recent picture of you to our HR department through


In accordance with the planned budget, KOTON provides trainings to its employees all the year long in order to earn the information and abilities which will provide them to reach the targeted business results and develop their competences


The new employees of KOTON are taken into an Orientation Training in order to accelerate their adaptation toKOTON. By this way, it is provided that they know the culture and work flows of KOTON.

Personal Development:

The aspects of the employees to be developed in order to provide contribution for their career development are determined and it is provided that they obtain tailor-made trainings.

Technical Trainings:

These are the trainings which are provided in order to specialize the employees in their works. Also, these trainings are repeated parallel to the developments and changes in the applied methods and used technologies.